Brian & his wife, Rachel, along with their two daughters, Emma & Aria, live in southern New Jersey and are members of the Moorestown Ecclesia. Brian & Rachel have both been teachers in the past and currently lead their Ecclesia’s┬áSunday School.

With a deep appreciation for the podcast format and the foundation that had been laid by Chris & Levi, Brian was honored to be asked to join the team in Jan. 2021. Also, be sure to catch up on older episodes of Rachel’s podcast for Sisters called “Discerning Daughters”.

Together with Levi, Chris helped start the Good Christadelphian Talks Podcast in 2018 after brainstorming an idea during a Men’s Campout around a campfire (for more details listen to episode 100).

Born and raised in Southern California, Chris now lives in Simi Valley with his wife of 12 years (and counting), Kristin, and their 3 boys, Jordan, Noah, and Toby, and they attend the Verdugo Hills Christadelphian Ecclesia; if you couldn’t have guessed that from the number of Verdugo Hills talks that he uses for the podcast ;-).

Levi was baptized in 2001 and currently attends the Simi HIlls Ecclesia outside Los Angeles, CA. He has two young daughters and is an insurance salesman at the company founded by Brother Bob Lloyd!

Levi started the podcast with Chris in 2018. As an avid podcast listener, he wanted to “get the Bible in his feed” and thought that GCT was the perfect thing.

Levi and his wife Jessica love to travel and have visited brethren in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, China, and even Canada.